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Gifts of Compassion

Give the Gift of Compassion

$50 - Help provide transportation for HIV/AIDS patients needing to travel to an El Rio clinic for regular care.

$300 - Sponsor an educational luncheon and monthly support group "Club Medbox", which helps people living with HIV/AIDS.

$1,200 - Pay for one month of life-saving medications for one uninsured patient with HIV/AIDS.

El Rio's Special Immunology Associates (SIA) provides primary care to approximately 1,500 persons living with HIV infection throughout Southern Arizona. As the largest provider of care to HIV-infected patients in the Tucson area, the goals of SIA are to provide:

  • Accessible, affordable health care to HIV-infected patients;
  • Community education and information regarding new treatments and therapies to improve the quality of life of those living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Counseling to support the emotional needs of affected persons.

SIA has an integrated system of care, wherein medical care, mental health, substance abuse, case management, and advocacy are provided.

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