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Gift of Life

Give the Gift of Life

$50 - Cover the costs of one-on-one nutrition counseling and diabetes classes for one participant in El Rio's "Sembrando Nuestra Mañana - Sowing Our Tomorrow" Health Education Program. The regimen is developed by a registered dietician and is tailored to the specific healthcare needs of the individual patient. The regimen includes education, diet, exercise, and medication, plus regular follow-up appointments for monitoring of progress.

$1,000 - Provide diabetes education and treatment for one patient in El Rio's nationally recognized Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Program. Your gift pays for direct patient care by the Pharmacist, teaching materials, and medical supplies such as blood sugar test kits.

Type II Diabetes is epidemic in the U.S., but the native people of Southern Arizona - American Indians and Hispanics - suffer diabetes rates two to ten times higher than the U.S. population. The disease can affect every facet of life: vision, circulation, heart health and more.

El Rio's Pharmacy-Based Diabetes program serves over 1,500 patients each year, providing intensive one-on-one counseling and medical management of this complex, disabling and sometimes fatal disease. The program has a nationally recognized, proven record of helping to bring blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels back into normal ranges. It was one of only six in the nation named a "best practice" model by the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists in 2005.

The Gift of Life

Six years ago, 55 year-old José* was suffering from Type-II diabetes so severely he was told by a specialist that he would need to have his leg amputated. Desperate for help, Jose turned to the Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Management Program at El Rio. He arrived with an A1C level of 9.2% and multiple open sores on his legs and feet. Dr. Sandra Leal and her team immediately started him on a diabetes education and treatment program. Within three months his leg sores had healed and his A1C level was down to 6.9% where it has remained for six years. Today, José is healthy, working, and living a very productive life.

* Not his real name.

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