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The Gift of  a Great Smile

The Power of A Smile...

$50 - Sponsor a fluoride varnish treatment for a child that will help prevent the development of cavities for up to three months.

$250 - Give the gift of a dental exam, cleaning and full mouth x-rays.

$5,000 - Help over thirty adults experiencing tooth pain have necessary treatments, including extractions and fillings.

$25,000 - Underwrite coordination of dental care for children in El Rio's Pediatric Programs. When a child comes for a pediatric check-up, specially trained El Rio staff screen for needed dental interventions and arrange follow-up care with the parents.

While more than 100,000 Tucsonans lack medical insurance, many more lack dental insurance. Dental health is directly related to many serious, life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Poor dental health affects people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Your Gift of a Great Smile helps ensure that a child stays cavity free, that a dad gets a job because he smiles in the interview, and that a young mother is free from tooth pain due to an emergency extraction.



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